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For hassle-free remortgaging services throughout Exeter and the surrounding areas, get in touch with the professionals at MortgageFinders Ltd.
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Whether you are looking to refinance your deal, raise additional capital, do home improvements or consolidate other debts, get in touch with MortgageFinders Ltd today. We can help you find the cheapest alternatives and refinance your mortgage.

We are renowned throughout Exeter for our high standard of service and can help you get the most suitable deals. Contact us today for a consultation.
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Benefits of remortgaging

  • Helps you save money
  • Lets you consolidate other loans
  • Available with special packages
  • Plenty of deals available
If you are considering a remortgage for your buy-to-let deal, have a look at our current rates on the buy-to-let mortgages page.
Provider Mortgage Type Initial Rate Duration Subsequent Rate APR ERCP**
Teachers BS Discounted Variable 1.25% 24 4.99% 4.5% 24
Nat West Tracker 1.33% 26 4.00% 3.6% 26
Coventry BS Variable 1.65% 0 1.8% 0
Platform Exclusive Fixed rate 1.24% 27 4.49% 4.1% 27
Nationwide Fixed rate 1.69% 36 3.74% 3.4% 36
Coventry BS Fixed rate 1.89% 63 4.24% 3.4% 63
Barclays Fixed rate 1.99% 84 3.74% 3.0% 84

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For remortgaging services in Exeter, get in touch with MortgageFinders Ltd.

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